English Anti Lice Shampoo Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of English Anti Lice Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs.95 and estimated average price is Rs.177.


The English Anti Lice Shampoo eliminates and prevents the re-infestation of grey. brown and tan coloured lice. Head lice can survive up to 30 days on a human host, festering and harvesting eggs through sucking blood.


The English Anti Lice Shampoo created by the company Sarwana & Sohzsihm using a powerful insecticide called pyrethrum extract that kills both eggs and fully grown adult lice in 5 minutes of washing the hair. is easy to use one-step treatment that removes hair lice in 5 minutes. The chemical used to achieve this rapid action shampoo washing is called pyrethrum that ensures all lice are eliminated. with Aloe Vera & Pro-Vitamin B5 conditioner for soft and gentle hair treatment.  

Price List

Model Price
English Anti-Lice Shampoo Pro-V Conditioner, Large Rs. 150
English Anti-Lice Shampoo Bottle (Family) Rs. 260
English Anti-Lice Shampoo Bottle (Medium) Rs. 110
English Anti Lice Shampoo Small Rs. 95
English Anti Lice Shampoo Medium Rs. 190
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