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The Lowest price of Emerald Stone in Pakistan is Rs.710 and estimated average price is Rs.4,739.


A precious stone that is available in different shades of green. The clearer and more verdant it is the more it costs. Available at high end prices. The cost is also affected by the size of the emerald stone in question.


Emerald Stone

Considered one of the cardinal gems, emeralds are precious stones that are mainly mined from regions of Colombia today. The country is responsible for 50 to 95% of the world's production depending on what year one looks at.

Emerald stones are mainly variations of green, ranging from a yellowish-green to a bluish-green. The colour, clarity, cut and carat weight are the criteria for emeralds to be classified, as with all other coloured stones. The colour comes first, but clarity is a close second with emeralds.

The Bahia Emerald is the single largest shard ever mined. In total it is 341 kg and is embedded in a host rock. Its value is estimated at around $400 million, but the true value is not known.

A rare form of emeralds found in Colombia is known as trapiche emeralds, these have star-like spokes made from darker impurities inside the stone.

Why people wear emeralds

The emerald is known as a symbol of truth and love, this may have to do with ancient Rome where it was known as the stone of Venus the goddess of love and hope. It is also considered as the stone of intuition. Emeralds are also thought to be good for the health along with providing love and fidelity, inspiration, wisdom, harmony, growth, patience, peace and abundance.


Emeralds are the birthstone for people belonging to the Cancerian astrological sign. The prices of an emerald stone is high, many times higher than diamonds as good quality ones are more rare. The larger the stone the more it costs.

Price List

Model Price
Sleek Stylish gold plated bangles with real stone… Rs. 4,500
Gold Plated Bangles With Marquise Shaped Stone in… Rs. 6,950
Gold Plated Bangles With Marquise Shaped Stone in… Rs. 4,500
Elegantly Crafted Bangle with real stone set of 2… Rs. 5,650
Gold Plated Bangles With Marquise Shaped Stone in… Rs. 4,250
Gold Plated Bangles With Marquise Shaped Stone in… Rs. 5,750
Mahrani style gold plated Bangle with Real stones… Rs. 7,800
Gem Stone Dorothy Perkins Emerald Stone White Cry… Rs. 850
22kt Gold Plated Kalma Emerald Green Stone With P… Rs. 6,499
Bala Rosh Emerald tote Rs. 4,200
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