Electric Socket Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Electric Socket in Pakistan is Rs.250 and estimated average price is Rs.1,730.


Electric sockets are the port where one connects the plug of their electronic devices so they can power them up. There are various kinds of electric sockets and one can choose based on their need and budget. The prices vary, but generally, these are not costly items.


Electric Socket

A term that applies broadly to all kinds of electrical switches, this includes wall sockets as well as some adapters or extension wires.

The wall kinds have a variety, one can find electric sockets that have space for only one device to be connected to multiple devices. The same goes for the adapters, but electrical extensions are mostly there to extend the range or a socket both in distance and also in the number of devices it can host.

Thre are a lot of different electric sockets as the plugs for various regions vary in shape and design. This affects the design of the needed electric socket. One can choose the right one based on the plug their device has. 


The price of an electrical socket depends on the specific type and also the brand, which also affects the quality. The prices range from the lower to the lower-mid range. 

Price List

Model Price
Orange Electric Twin Surface Box Rs. 250
Lemon 6 in 1 Socket Extension & Charging Station Rs. 1,199
Clopal 4 Ways Extension Colored Socket With 3 mtrs Cord - 2… Rs. 1,250
Akasa AK-959CU Double Platform Radiator CPU Cooling Fan Coo… Rs. 1,999
Clopal 3 Ways Extension Colored Socket With 3 mtrs Cord - 2… Rs. 1,381
Orange Scintilla USB Charger Socket Rs. 2,210
Microchip Pickit 3 Pic Kit 3 Programmer Pickit 3 Debugger w… Rs. 2,899
Wireless Mobile Charger Holder Car Wireless Mobile Charger … Rs. 1,725
Female Socket 6.5mm To Stereo 3.5mm Male Adapter Rs. 460
Toyota In-Dash Dual USB Socket Rs. 949
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