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Electric Blanket Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Electric Blanket in Pakistan is Rs.10,000 and estimated average price is Rs.20,600.


An electric blanket uses little electricity as compared to other heating solutions and is very effective, easy to use and affordable. There is a wide range of sizes in electric blankets from a small piece to as large as a double bedspread.


The blanket is made using a heat-retaining polyester microfiber or soft fleece cloth that covers the outside areas of the blanket. Inside the soft shell blanket, there is a heating element system that is lightweight and flexible with insulated wires that are charged with electricity. The remote control is connected to the wiring with the same insulated heavy plastic coating that ensures it is safe to use and don't electrocute you. The settings can be set to low, medium and high depending on how warm you want the blanket to become and can be easily switched off using the remote control buttons. The heated layer will help relieve soreness for elderly users as the warmth will relax muscle and joints creating restful sleep. Simply lay down the electric blanket flat on the area you want to heat and turn on the power. It is recommended to place it on top of your body and not under as this will ensure the wiring is not damaged during the night. 

Price List

Model Price
Beurer TS 15 – Electric Underblanket Rs. 10,000
Beurer UB68XXL - Double Electric Under Fleece Bla… Rs. 28,000
Beurer Double Electric Under Blanket TS 26 XXL - … Rs. 20,000
Beurer UB 33 – Electric Underblankets Rs. 17,000
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