Edenrobe Summer Collection Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Edenrobe Summer Collection in Pakistan is Rs.1,494 and estimated average price is Rs.3,106.


The Edenrobe rand has a complete collection with options for summer clothes. The variety is plentiful, with designs and types of clothes. A competitively priced brand that caters to anyone looking for affordable, stylish clothing.


The Edenrobe summer collection has options designed to be breathable with fabrics that help keep one cool.

One has the option to choose from a lot of designs and variations in kinds of clothes too. There are separate categories for women, men and children. The kind of clothes includes eastern wear and western wear as well. The eastern clothes for women to wear in the summer are made from lawn, chiffon and other lighter materials. The men's eastern wear is mostly cotton. 

Western clothing is made from mixed materials and one can find tanks for women as well as tights and trousers. For men, there are T-shirts, polos, summer pants and shorts.

The styling for the various options is chic and contemporary, this helps have clothing that is relevant for the time. The fabric and stitching quality is good, with competitive prices. All this makes the Edenrobe summer collection a great option for someone looking to fill up their wardrobe for the hotter months.

Price List

Model Price
EWU22V1-23704 Unstitched Pink Embroidered Lawn 1 Piece Rs. 1,494
EWU22A1-23015 Unstitched Fawn Printed Lawn 3 Piece Rs. 2,618
EWU22A1-23419 Unstitched Blue Printed Lawn 3 Piece Rs. 2,618
EWU22V1-23713 Unstitched Rust Embroidered Lawn 3 Piece Rs. 4,869
EWU22A1-23443 Unstitched Plum Printed Lawn 3 Piece Rs. 2,618
EWU22V1-23608 Unstitched Rust Embroidered Lawn 1 Piece Rs. 2,244
EWU22V1-23696 Unstitched Pink Embroidered Lawn 1 Piece Rs. 1,643
EWU22A1-23168 Unstitched Bright Pink Printed Lawn 3 Piece Rs. 2,618
EWU22A1-23115 Unstitched Green Printed Lawn 3 Piece Rs. 2,618
EWU22V1-23705 Unstitched Sky Blue Embroidered Lawn 1 Piece Rs. 1,868
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