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The Lowest price of Dvi To Vga in Pakistan is Rs.180 and estimated average price is Rs.2,918.


Designed to help one connect a DVI port to a VGA cable. Available for a nominal price as these are both fast becoming legacy ports.


DVI to VGA converter

VGA and DVI are both older ports, from the era before everything was making use of HDMI ports. DVI is able to support HD, while VGA is at a lesser resolution at 1024x768 pixels.

There are 2 basic converters, one is in the form of a cable that has a VGA port at one end and a DVI port at the other. The second form is more an adapter that changes the port at the connection point. One side of this little adapter has VGA port while the other side has a DVI port insert. Due to how the ports work with pins, a converter does not have 2-way compatibility, meaning it can only convert from DVI to VGA and not VGA to DVI. 

A DVI to VGA converter is a nominally priced gizmo.

Price List

Model Price
DMS-59 to VGA Cable (Kanghi Cable) DVI2 , DVI , 6… Rs. 399
100% Working Top Quality Mini dvi to vga converter Rs. 1,300
DVI Male to VGA Female Video Converter Adapter 10… Rs. 300
DVI Male to VGA Female Video Converter Adapter 10… Rs. 180
MSK DVI to VGA Converter 24+15 Connector Rs. 180
DVI to VGA Connector (24+5) Rs. 199
Apple MB202G/A Micro DVI to Video Adapter Rs. 3,999
Apple M9321G/B Mini DVI to DVI Adapter Rs. 3,999
Mini dvi to vga converter Rs. 1,403
Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter Rs. 3,999
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