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The Lowest price of Dvi To Hdmi in Pakistan is Rs.149 and estimated average price is Rs.8,307.


Designed to send a signal from a DVI out to an HDMI in. A DVI to HDMI converter is available for mid-range prices.


DVI to HDMI converter

From old to new, DVI to HDMI conversion may be needed if one is still using some old devices. The older porting options is DVI and HDMI is the common or reigning visual+audio port. DVI is designed more so for the computer arena, while HDMI is for media.

A DVI to HDMI converter would allow one to connect to a TV's HDMI port. There is a slight hitch, as the audio might need to be connected separately; most DVI ports do not support audio. Very few graphics cards have a DVI port that allows a combined connection. This is not a standardised conversion system which is why there are differences.

One may need to make use of an HDMI audio-embedder, which will allow you to connect a cable from the audio out of the computer to it and combine it with the HDMI signal. The other end of the audio-embedder will have an HDMI out that has the audio and visual signal combined, as should be for HDMI.

A DVI to HDMI converter is available for mid-range prices. 

Price List

Model Price
Dvi To Vga Connector (24+5) Rs. 149
Belkin HDMI to DVI Cable Rs. 9,799
Apple MB204G/A Micro DVI to DVI Adapter Rs. 3,999
Belkin HDMI to DVI Cable - 12.0 - Feet Rs. 9,999
Dvi To Vga Cable 24+5 pin Best Quality cable Rs. 400
Dvi To Vga 24+5 Connector Rs. 219
DVI To DVI Cable 1.5m Rs. 699
Apple HDMI to DVI Adapter Rs. 6,599
Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter Rs. 3,999
Belkin HDMI to DVI Cable - 6.0 - Feet Rs. 6,999
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