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The Lowest price of Dvi Cable in Pakistan is Rs.2,408 and estimated average price is Rs.7,452.


An older porting option for visual signals, DVI has a few different connectors. The relevant one has to be picked for compatibility of the out-port and in-port. DVI cables are relatively low price items.


Legacy port

Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is an interface designed for video signals, developed by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG). It is a connection that connects video sources to displays, such as computer monitors. DVI was a design created to have an industry standard for video signals. Transmitting uncompressed digital video, it can be configured to support multiple modes such as DVI-A (analog only), DVI-D (digital only) or DVI-I (digital and analog). It was more widespread until HDMI became the most successful form of porting for video. One of the reasons for the win of HDMI is its ability to transmit audio and video both.

DVI cable

A recommended length is not specified but in general cable length, up to 15 feet will work for resolutions up to 1920x1200p. Longer cables can be used for resolutions of 1280x1024x or lower. Cables longer than this might need a DVI booster to boost the signal which will help reduce the loss over distance. This booster is a signal repeater that would need external power to operate.

Make sure you are getting the correct cable after checking the inputs and outputs. As DVI is an older technology it is nominally priced. The differences in price are due to the length of the cable and quality of build.

Price List

Model Price
Macally Mini Displayport to DVI Adaptor Rs. 6,499
Belkin HDMI to DVI Single-Link Adapter Rs. 5,699
Apple HDMI to DVI Adapter Rs. 6,599
Belkin HDMI to DVI Cable - 6.0 - Feet Rs. 6,999
Belkin DVI Dual Link Extender Cable - 10.0 - Feet Rs. 8,099
Belkin HDMI to DVI-D Display Cable - 6.0 - Feet Rs. 6,999
Belkin DisplayPort to DVI Adapter, M/F, 1080p Rs. 8,199
Belkin DVI-I (Single Link) to 2 VGA Female Rs. 7,199
HP DisplayPort to DVI-D Adapter Rs. 7,199
Dell Adapter Mini DisplayPort to DVI Single-Link Rs. 4,799
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