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The Lowest price of Dvd Player in Pakistan is Rs.709 and estimated average price is Rs.13,255.


With the arrival of Ultra HD Blu-ray players, 4K TVs and Netflix, it is easy to wonder whether the DVD players will soon become obsolete. Many people believe that investing in a DVD player is useless when you can stream high-quality videos online but that depends on the quality of your internet connection. Streaming ultra high-quality videos will consume more bandwidth ending your internet package within days. If you don't have a strong connection, the quality of the video will degrade and suck out the fun in watching movies online. With a DVD player, a video will play its original quality throughout its run time. This proves that DVD players have not yet become a thing of the past. If you are looking for one, check out DVD player prices in Pakistan on this page. The prices vary depending on the brand and technology but they mostly fall into the affordable range.


DVD Player for TVs & Home Theatre

Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung DVD players are some of the best options out there. Connect them to your LEDs, OLED TVs or Home Theatre systems and enjoy seamless DVD videos on the bigger screen.

DVD Player for Computers

If your computer or laptop comes with a DVD drive, you just need to install a DVD decoder and Media Player or VLC software to watch your DVD video discs on the computer or laptop. If they don't come with a DVD drive, you need to get an external DVD drive and plug into your USB drive and play DVD discs endlessly.

DVD Player for Cars

These days kids need entertainment all the time and long-distance travels include boring long hours on the road. Kids tend to become cranky during travelling as there isn't much to do. With DVD players installed in the car, they can watch their favourite cartoons on the go and the time will fly. Modern DVD players for cars now feature touchscreens and Bluetooth connectivity. 

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Model Price
USB Bluetooth Receiver Stereo Audio Music Receiver Adapter … Rs. 709
Philips Portable DVD Player (PD7030/98) Rs. 11,859
Sony DVD Player (DVP-SR370) Rs. 6,999
LG Multi-Region DVD Player with USB Direct Recording Rs. 16,999
Touch Screen Radio Stereo LELEC 7 Inch 2Din Bluetooth DVD P… Rs. 10,999
Samsung 2.0 Ch Bluetooth Soundbar (HW-N300) Rs. 14,000
Panasonic BDT165 DVD Player Rs. 6,999
10.2 inch android 9, 360 degree rotatable univrersal radio … Rs. 35,000
Car Headrest DVD Player 9inch Black Rs. 17,999
Panasonic S500GF DVD Rs. 8,399
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