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Dux pen has a wide range of writing pens that offer fast drying and smooth results on a variety of surfaces including paper, wood, plastic and fabric.


The Dux pen series that uses gel ink is highly pigmented using a mixture of biopolymers, such as xanthan gum and tragacanth gum that thickens the liquid. The results are permanent making sure that your documents and signatures last decades before the risk of fading. The Dux pen has water-resistant ink that will not wash away when the surface is wet making sure any important writing does not get damaged.


Dux pen is an essential part of the office, school, hospital and home stationery as the lightweight and durable casing makes it easy to carry the pen in your pocket. The cap has a handle that ensures it does not roll off the desk and can be clipped onto papers making it easily accessible when needed. There are a variety of colours available in Dux pens including bright red, green, pink and many others in glitter gel versions for kids and artists.