Dux Fountain Pen Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Dux Fountain Pen in Pakistan is Rs.125 and estimated average price is Rs.208.


Dux has very affordable fountain pens that are ideal for students and offices. The nibs are made for everyday writing and not calligraphy.


Dux produces a range of pens, among them one can also find fountain pens. The Dux fountain pens have stainless steel nibs with an iridium tip; this makes for a long-lasting nib. Most of the fountain pens by Dux have a squeeze-bladder mechanism to fill ink with.

The writing is good and after the initial few days of writing the nib becomes smooth; in a large part this is due to the fact that it gets rubbed down a bit by the specific writing angle each person has.

Dux fountain pens are made with a simple design. The older variants are the ones that have a metal cap, with the new ones the brand has experimented with having a plastic body and cap as well. These newer ones also have more colours to choose from, with bodies that have red, blue, green and more options.


Even though Dux pens are very affordable they are good for writing. Many people recommend that students should write with a fountain pen as it is better for one's handwriting.

Price List

Model Price
M Toys Sports & Stationers Dux 868 Fountain Pen Rs. 125
Dux 443 Fountain Pen Rs. 188
Dux Fountain Pen (240) Rs. 184
Dux 868 Fountain Pen Rs. 188
M Toys Sports & Stationers Dux 443 Fountain Pen Rs. 125
M Toys Sports & Stationers Dux 266 Fountain Pen Rs. 125
Dux 868 Fountain Pen TR13992020 Rs. 294
Dux 240 Fountain Pen TR14022021 Rs. 299
Dux 443 Fountain Pen TR14002020 Rs. 294
M Toys Sports & Stationers Dux 240 Fountain Pen Rs. 125
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