Durex Gel Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Durex Gel in Pakistan is Rs.640 and estimated average price is Rs.1,475.


Durex is a brand that produces intimacy products, this includes a range of gels under the Durex Play label. These gels are lubricants designed to enhance one's experience. There are a few different kinds and one can choose based on their preference. The price of Durex gels is in the higher ranges.


Durex gel

Aside from being the most famous producer of condoms, Durex also produces a range of high-quality gels or lubricants under the Durex Play label. These are water-based so they are usable with condoms. 

Durex also has options in their gel segment which have extra additives that enhance the sensation. This includes an option which has a minty feel for a warm tingle. Another gel has aloe vera added and has a nourishing effect. On can even find flavoured gels for an added layer of scent and taste.


Gels or lubricants, in general, are known to affect sperm function negatively; reducing mobility and vitality.

Other than this there is a lot of research that states that gels can increase the chance of certain STDs and some can also cause damage to cells.

One should read the label of the Durex gel they choose as some ingredients do not suit certain individuals. This could be an antibacterial that can have a negative impact on pH for the female bodily fluids. 


Durex is a more high-end brand, their gels are from a higher price point.

Price List

Model Price
Durex Lube Tingle Lubricant Pleasuring fun Gel - … Rs. 1,190
Durex 2 In 1 Lube Massage Gel Stimulating Lubrica… Rs. 1,850
Durex Tingle Lubricating Gel - 50 mL Rs. 849
Durex Play Lubricant gel, Tingling- 50ml Rs. 2,000
Durex Lube Cherry Gel Lubricant Pleasuring Massag… Rs. 775
Durex Play 2 In 1 Massage Gel Aloe Vera Lube - 20… Rs. 1,850
Intense Durex Orgasm_ic Gel 10ml - 20 times uses … Rs. 1,350
Durex Play Lube Water Based Intimate Gel Tingle 5… Rs. 640
Durex Condoms Invisible Extra Thin Condoms 12s + … Rs. 1,911
Durex Gel Cheeky Cherry - 50 ML Rs. 790
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