Dumbbell Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Dumbbell in Pakistan is Rs.515 and estimated average price is Rs.4,394.


Professional bodybuilders, athletes and fitness lovers use weight training workouts to gain muscle definition and muscle mass. Dumbbells price in Pakistan over the years has increased but there are still cheaper rates available online.


Fitness Equipment 

The dumbbells can be used to exercise at the gym and at home. There are a variety of weights from light to heavy that can be incorporated into your workouts at any given time. You do not need to be a professional bodybuilder to use weights. By using dumbbells you can attain the agility, flexibility and strength to focus train which means only working out certain muscles at a time. This is targeting areas of the body by using various weights to engage muscles in the arms, thighs, chest and back.
Interval training is a way to raise your heartbeat that helps increase weight loss rate in the body. Dumbbells are also helpful in increasing heart rate and giving you a total body workout as you keep pushing yourself to lift heavier weights for longer repetitions. 

Simple Dumbbells  

Beginners can use studio dumbells to enhance their workouts as these are available in lightweight sizes such as 1 kg and have a rubber coating spread all over the design to ensure it is easy and safe to use. Ideal for light resistance and low impact workouts that can easily be added to weightloss fitness programs.

Combination Training 

They are also safe to use while walking and running on the treadmill as the grip is secure and the rubber ensures less damage if dropped accidentally not he ground. They are colours so that the user can easily change up and choose various weights while performing other exercises.  

Advanced Level Dumbbells 

Heavier sets of dumbells can be bought as single pair or as an entire set with 1kg to 100kg. The typical set will have 2.5kg as an entry-level pair up to 30kg in fixed dumbbell design that is most common to intermediate users looking to bulk up and build muscle.

Body Building Level 

Commercial gyms will have weights up to 50kg for more advanced training and100kg for professionals. The old school dumbbells had no rubber coating around the weight which resulted in the risk of damaging your home floor and chipping or cracking the weight.

Latest Dumbbells Available Online in Pakistan 

The modern design has a variety of rubber coatings that ensure not only the durability of the dumbbell but also the floor and even reduce the risk of inuring your foot. The Hex Dumbbells are ideal for those looking to do floor work such as push-ups as this weight will not slide under your body weight. Their shape ensures that they are flat on the ground at all times giving you extra stability. It is essential to buy the right fitness shoes when working out with dumbbells so that your feet are protected at all times in case you accidentally drop them on your feet. 

Price List

Model Price
Live up Pair Of Vinyl Dumbbells - 3 Kg Rs. 6,000
2 KG Pair Matte Coated Dumbbell Set Yoga Fitness … Rs. 3,400
Dumbbell Chrome plates with Rod Fitness Home Gym … Rs. 3,499
Pair Of Rubber Coated Dumbell - 6Kg - Black Solid… Rs. 3,599
Fitness Depot Rubber Dumbbells' Round - Pair Rs. 5,399
6ft Body Building Dumbbell Rod Dumbbell Weight Ba… Rs. 3,266
10kg Rubber Dumbbell Pair - Lean Rs. 5,999
Dumbbell Set With Rubber Coated Dumbell Black Pai… Rs. 3,999
Ultra Commercial High Quality Stylish Design Iron… Rs. 8,800
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