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The Lowest price of Dryer Machine in Pakistan is Rs.29 and estimated average price is Rs.18,741.


A dryer machine is used to remove a substantial amount of moisture from one's clothes after they are washed. There are different kinds of dryers, with different sizes as well. One can choose based on their needs and the amount of clothes they generally need dried. The prices vary a lot depending on features, size and brand.


Dryer Machine

Also known as a clothes dryer or tumble dryer, the dryer machine is a useful appliance for homes. It reduces the time it takes to dry your clothes by a lot and in some cases can dry them out completely.

There are different types of dryer machines, some just tumble the clothes around and blow in hot air. Others have a steam system so one does not need ironing once the clothes are done. This would of course not work for formal clothes are it is not ironing per se. The steam gets out the basic creases.

Drying clothes at 60 degrees Celcius for 30 minutes helps get rid of parasites such as dust mites, bedbugs and scabies mites and their eggs. 

A dryer machine should be cleaned out as the lint build up in its filters can affect efficiency over time.


Using the dryer machine may cause shrinkage of clothing as well as make them coarse. This is due to the loss of soft fibres which is also known as lint.

Dryer machines also expose flammables to heat which is why there should not be any close to the machine. 

As for electric consumption, this appliance consumes amounts close to a fridge or freezer; making it an expensive device to run.


The size of a dryer machine varies, one can purchase the one apt for their home or business. The price of a dryer machine varies from the lower end all the way to the top, depending on the size, brand and specific features. This appliance is made by many brands, such as LG, Kenwood, Boss and more.

Price List

Model Price
Universal Drain Spring Washing Machine Parts - Sd-m3 Rs. 29
Super Asia SD-550 Dryer Steel Rs. 15,000
High Quality Waterproof Dust Proof Washing Machine Cover Fo… Rs. 370
Automatic Inlet Pipe 2 Metre Washing Machine Parts - Ap-3 Rs. 795
Drain Seal Boss Washing Machine Parts - Drs-9 Rs. 99
Dawlance Top Load Automatic Washing Machine-DW 270 ES - 12 … Rs. 55,999
Boss Washing Machine K.E. 4500-BS - 12 Kg Rs. 17,900
Super Sa-555 Asia Spin Dryer Rs. 16,200
Boss Spin Dryer KE - 555-C Rs. 14,600
Boss Square Shape Dryer Machine Ke 5000 Bs Rs. 17,900
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