Dry Battery Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Dry Battery in Pakistan is Rs.1,050 and estimated average price is Rs.13,682.


Dry batteries are slightly more costly but with the advantage of lasting longer and being more efficient. Also lesser chances of spillage and no leaking gasses. They are more compact in comparison to we-batteries as well.

Pros & Cons


  • More durable

  • Light in weight and small in size

  • Comparatively more environment-friendly

  • No maintenance


  • Higher initial cost


Origins of the dry battery

The lead-acid battery, invented in 1859 by French physicist Gaston Planté. One of the earliest iterations, yet still one of the most widely used rechargeable batteries.

Why dry batteries are better

The main difference between a wet cell and dry cell battery is that the wet cell battery uses a liquid electrolyte, in comparison a dry cell uses a paste electrolyte. Despite having low energy-to-weight ratio and a low energy-to-volume ratio, its ability to supply high surge currents means that the cells have a relatively large power-to-weight ratio. Being sealed removes the chances of fumes, especially in closed spaces. In some countries, wet cells are banned in cars as well for this reason. The fumes from the acid add to environmental damage. It is recommended that dry batteries should be used with a UPS. Dry batteries are more durable and last longer. Also, generally they don't require maintenance as wet batteries do.

The downside

Once a dry battery is dead it doesn't pick up charge, in this instance, the wet battery would possibly keep going on despite it being near dead. Due to the fact that dry batteries are sealed the internally produced gasses can build up pressure. If one is placed near a heat source, a temperature spike in the battery could cause it to rupture and explode. The chemicals inside are dangerous and highly acidic to skin.

Price List

Model Price
Long 12V 33AH Dry Maintenance Battery (UI-33H) Rs. 12,900
Honda City Daewoo Dry Battery Rs. 10,500
Long 12V 120Ah Dry Maintenance Battery (WPL120-12… Rs. 45,020
Long 12V 17Ah Dry Maintenance Battery (WPS17-12) Rs. 7,840
Long 12V 40AH Dry Maintenance Battery (WPS40-12N) Rs. 18,000
Long 12V 26AH Dry Maintenance Battery (WP26-12) Rs. 11,020
Honda N WGN Daewoo Dry Battery Rs. 10,500
6V 4.5 New Dry Battery High Quality Rs. 1,050
Chagan Alsvin Daewoo Dry Battery Rs. 10,500
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