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Drill Machine Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Drill Machine in Pakistan is Rs.425 and estimated average price is Rs.6,289.


A drill machine would be needed for so many tasks around the house that it is considered a basic tool to have. Used mainly for drilling holes into a wall or other surfaces. There are also a few other uses to one, like being used as an automatic screwdriver. Drill machines are available at various prices, depending on the brand and power rating.

Pros & Cons


  • Dangerous tool

  • Can be bulky


A necessary tool

An essential tool in the handyman's arsenal due to its regular need while installing things or doing woodwork. From wall-brackets for TVs to ACs to accessories on the bathroom wall. You'll probably use a drill machine many times while setting up your home. It would actually be difficult to set up without one! Available in different sizes and power grades, with many different 'drill bits' that are either designed to vary the size of the hole being drilled or to cut an embossed circle into wood. 

Which drill machine 

Depending on what needs to be drilled you can decide what drill machine is good for your needs. The ones that come with a built-in battery are very convenient but aren't ideal if you have something more difficult to drill into or a larger drill bit to drive. Also if the drill machine is underpowered it shall be working more thus also taking more wear and tear along the way; reducing its overall life. Usually, the ones with power-cords are more powerful compared to battery-operated variants.

A bit completes them

The drill bit collection is also all dependant on what you want to achieve, if it is wood or masonry you want to drill into. Bits are made from different metal alloys and have tips that vary according to the material they need to be working with. Glass also has a specific drill bit. The 'chuck size' of a drill determines what size of drill bits can be fit into it and a large chuck size means a more powerful motor too. The speed of the drill machine is also something one needs to consider based on what you are working with, some machines also have variable speed so you can set it to different values. Brittle materials might need a different speed compared to flexible materials.

Handle with care

Using a drill machine can be tricky and dangerous even that's why the more powerful ones have 2 handles so it doesn't slip and hurt the user!

The prices of drill machines vary quite a lot, with a difference that is dependant on the brand and power of the machine in question. Known drill brands include Black & Decker, Bosch and Stanley.

Price List

Model Price
Milwaukee PD705 Impact Drill Machine Rs. 12,080
Bosch GBM 6 RE Drill Machine Rs. 11,640
105 PCS Mini Drill Machine Accessories Rotary Too… Rs. 475
Tool Shop Bosch Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drilling… Rs. 16,665
BOSO 26mm Hammer Drill Machine - with Box Rs. 9,000
Bench Drill Stand/Press for Electric Drill Machine Rs. 3,300
Dca Azj 20 Hand Drill Machine 20mm Rs. 8,580
DC Korean 47 Piece Electric Drill Machine Wireles… Rs. 4,999
Ideal 5-Functions Hammer/Hilty Drill Machine 26mm Rs. 16,000
Pure Copper Electric Drill Machine Two Way Prowor… Rs. 2,875
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