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Double Sided Grill Pan Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Double Sided Grill Pan in Pakistan is Rs.2,600 and estimated average price is Rs.4,439.


A pan that is made from combining two pans via a hinge; a double sided grill pan can be flipped over so both sides can be used with ease. This can be convenient and fast as the closed nature of this pan collects more heat inside; cooking your food faster. The price of a double sided grill pan is in the lower ranges.


Double Sided Grill Pan

A convenient kitchen tool, a double sided grill pan can be used to quickly grill your meat or even as a kind of oven. Like the name suggests this pan has two pans that are joined via a hinge, this lets one close it and flip it over to the other side. If one is grilling meat they can do this to grill the other side once the first side is done. This lets one get a good sear on both sides of their meat. One could also use it to make a grilled chicken, the size of the chicken would sear it on both sides and flatten it somewhat too when the lid is closed.

Due to the closed nature of the pan, it accumulates more heat and does the work faster so one should keep an eye on the temperature.

Since a double sided grill pan can be closed, it can be used to make baked foods such as lasagna or baked potatoes with ease. This is ideal if one does not have an oven at home, this pan would let you make some foods on the stovetop that would generally be made in an oven.


Double sided grill pans come with a nonstick coating so that your food is easy to remove from the pan and the base has a design made to distribute heat evenly inside so the cooking is done right.

The most well-known brand that makes double sided grill pans is Dessini from Italy. The price of this kind of pan is in the lower ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Dessini Double Sided Grill Pan 40Cm Rs. 5,608
Double Sided Grill Pan 36Cm Rs. 4,983
Double Sided Grill Pan 36 Cm Rs. 3,500
Non Stick Double Sided Grilled Pan - 36Cm Rs. 4,180
Double Sided Granite Pan Grill Rs. 6,300
Non Stick Double Sided Grill Pan - Original Italy… Rs. 3,500
AmnaMart Double Sided Grill Pan 36Cm Rs. 3,899
Pack Of 3, Double Sided Bbq Grill Pan Non Stick S… Rs. 4,500
Hi-Fi Bazaar Double Sided Grill Pan 36Cm Rs. 2,600
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