Door Lock Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Door Lock in Pakistan is Rs.350 and estimated average price is Rs.14,759.


The security system of the home and office is essential in keeping precious belonging safe from theft and burglaries. Door lock is an age-old security system that is both affordable, durable and easy to install into all the access points of the home and office.


Electric Door Lock

The modernisation of the traditional door lock includes an electric system that has a unique security pin to open the door ensuring that only those personnel will be granted entry into the building or room that has the right code. These doors are extremely effective as they can be reinforced with CCTV cameras, alarm system for breaking or forced entry making sure to alert security forces in time. 

Biometric Door Lock

The fingerprint reader system is usually used for offices that track employee attendance and hours of work during the week directly feeding data into the main system. This is a combination of security for the office and productivity meter of employee performance. The system is also used for other institutions such as schools to help increase the security of the space. The biometric system will only allow that person into the building that has a previous record in the main security system.  

Key and Clasp Door Lock 

This is a doorknob security system that has an inbuilt lock inside or underneath the door handle. This is a one-step installation that has two pieces placed inside and outside the door. The key will lock and unlock the door from the outside while on the inside there can either be a keyhole or a smarter clasp system fortified with heavy stainless steel or iron making sure the door does not easily prop open.  

Price List

Model Price
Door LOCK 75MM Rs. 350
Safewell Digital Door Lock RDJ300 – Silver (Left Handed) Rs. 11,950
Front Right Door Lock Actuator For Honda CR-V CRV 1997-2001… Rs. 1,999
Glass door Lock/D Lock 10-12mm Glass Swing Push Sliding Doo… Rs. 950
Honda Door Lock Protector Red - 4 Pieces | Car Door Lock Bu… Rs. 1,150
92-04 For Toyota Hiace Tailgate Rear Back Door Lock Latch 6… Rs. 1,953
Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Access Control Machin… Rs. 13,999
Toyota Land Cruiser Door Lock Protector 1 Piece Rs. 1,150
ZKTeco Finger Print Door Lock – Black Rs. 23,450
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