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The Lowest price of Doll House in Pakistan is Rs.399 and estimated average price is Rs.1,496.


The Doll house has been part of kids toys favourite designs for centuries. It has been able to give children all over the world the chance to explore their imaginations and play endless games alone and as a group.


For Girls and Boys

It is a misconception that only girls play with dollhouses as there are just as beneficial and entertaining for boys. The ones themed for girls will have barbie merchandise, My Little Pony or pink colours themes but there are also many with neutral colours so that both genders can enjoy equally. 


Doll House will allow kids to access their imagination and enhance their creative abilities. It is a known tool for improving social adaptability and build confidence in kids from age 2 and above. Depending on the age of your child it is important to buy the right sized dollhouse, there are also kitchen sets that work as parts of a dollhouse enjoyed by children in Pakistan. 


The Doll House will have miniature furniture and figurines that are used to create real-life scenarios between family members. The physical development seen in kids by playing with a Doll House is the increase in fine and gross motor skills. They do not take up a lot of space in the house and are easily portable. Some dollhouses will come in a carry case making it easy for children to take them along to school, playdates and the park. 


The smaller dollhouse design is meant for older kids age 6 and above as these are hard to store and can be easily swallowed by toddlers. Buying a large dollhouse will be a great investment as kids play with these for years and do not get bored using it for activities. It is great as a shared toy between siblings and can be upgraded by adding more figures or making your objects to place inside the house.  

Price List

Model Price
1 Pack, Doll House Simulation Kitchen Toys Set - Imported Rs. 399
Lovely Pink Doll House Rs. 3,655
doll castle for kids large size by hk dealer Rs. 1,830
Miniature Life Play Scene Model Doll House Accessories Mini… Rs. 1,910
Vintage Miniature Sewing Machine With Cloth for 1/12 Scale … Rs. 1,161
Frozen doll house for kids large size -BY AI Apni Shop Rs. 1,030
Lovely Pink Doll House - 113 Pcs (PX-10367) Rs. 3,230
Doll House Beautiful  Reader Designed - Girls Toys Rs. 499
Big Doll House - Beauty Villa set for kids Rs. 2,699
Beautiful 6pcs 1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Drink Bottle Do… Rs. 757
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