Dog Collars Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Dog Collars in Pakistan is Rs.80 and estimated average price is Rs.569.


A collar for dogs that is worn to let people know a dog is a pet and also to tie the leash in case of walks. Although tying a leash to the collar is not recommended. There are various kinds of buckles on dog collars, and collars come in different sizes depending on the size of the breed one owns. The price of dog collars is in the lower range.


Dog collars

Pet dogs are given collars as a way to let people know that a specific dog is a pet. A lot of people also attach a small tag with the dog's name and address in case it is lost. A dog collar can be made from either a synthetic fabric, rexine or leather. Leather collars work well for dogs with longer hair as they prevent matting. To close a collar there is either a classic metal buckle or plastic snap-buckle.

A dog collar can also be used to connect the leash, although a lot of people are not for this option as when the dog pulls at the leash the pressure is transferred onto its neck and can cause choking. The collar should not be too tight as well as it will rub against their fur and skin, which is uncomfortable but can also damage the fur. At night the collar should be taken off and even generally the dog should not be wearing a collar 24/4.

Instead of connecting a leash to the collar, one can find a good harness for their dog which can be used for walks. This way the pressure from the leash is divided onto the body and not focused on the neck.


The price of a dog collar depends on the material it is made of; prices are generally affordable. 

Price List

Model Price
Cat Bow Collar / Bow Collar for Cats with Bell Rs. 80
Dog Leash With Collar - Full Strong - 6 Fit - For All Dogs Rs. 999
Labrador Choke Leash - Rope Style - Red Color Rs. 489
Collar For Dogs -adjustable-leather-color Blue Rs. 249
3191 Pet Harness 25m x 70/90cm Rs. 739
1162 Pet Dog rope leash 15.0m x 180cm Rs. 1,019
Dogs Muzzles Adjustable Rs. 549
Dog Soft Collar ( S,m,l ) - Black Rs. 395
Adjustable Pet Cat Dog Neck Collar Bow Design With Bell 01 … Rs. 160
Dog Muzzle Velcro- Red Adjustale Rs. 430
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