Diva Body Spray Dazzle Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Diva Body Spray Dazzle in Pakistan is Rs.309 and estimated average price is Rs.309.


A beautiful scent for women, to keep them smelling fresh during the day. Dazzle body spray by Diva is affordable and ideal for daily use.


Diva Body Spray Dazzle is great to keep one smelling good while they are out and about. The scent is fresh and made from a mix of many tones to get a well-balanced feel.

Applying body spray after a shower is common and in case one needs some more later in the day they can apply some more. The Diva Dazzle body spray lasts a good while so you are covered for longer periods.

An affordable body spray that could be used regularly to keep bad smells away.

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Diva Body Spray Dazzle 120ML Rs. 309
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