Diva Body Spray Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Diva Body Spray in Pakistan is Rs.165 and estimated average price is Rs.361.


Body spray is a great way to keep one smelling fresh. The Diva Body Spray range for women has a lot of options one could choose from. The prices are affordable, making Diva Body Spray great for regular usage.


Many people use body spray as a way to smell good throughout the day. The Diva Body Spray range has a lot of options, this gives one the option to choose something that suits their style.

The Diva Body Sprays are easy to apply and help keep away bad smells. Most use them after showering, but it can be reapplied later in the day if needed. The prices are affordable, so one can easily use the Diva Body Sprays daily.

Price List

Model Price
Women's Bonjour Body Spray 200Ml - Secret Diva Rs. 165
Armaf I Diva For Men Perfumed Body Spray, 200ml Rs. 475
Diva Body Spray Dazzle 120ML Rs. 396
Diva Body Spray Bloom 120ML Rs. 396
Diva Body Spray Charm 120ML Rs. 396
Diva Body Spray Glamour 120ML Rs. 395
Diva Body Spray Rush 120ML Rs. 396
Diva Body Spray Passion 120ML Rs. 396
Diva Body Spray Exotic 120ML Rs. 396
Diva Body Spray Pearl 120ML Rs. 396
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