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The Lowest price of Disco Lights in Pakistan is Rs.299 and estimated average price is Rs.1,404.


Disco lights are more commonly called party lights. These include mirror balls, glitter balls, LED lights, Laser lights, RGB Lights, Flickers, Strobes etc. They synchronize with the music and change colours and patterns with varying speeds either with a remote control or with the music. Any party can be turned into a rocking dance floor by adding these fun disco lights that you can easily buy online from this page.


1. Mirror Balls

The original disco lights, though they existed even before the '70s, mirror balls were popularized by the discothèques culture of the 70s and 80s. It is a spherical object that has glitter, cut crystals or mirrors all around that reflect the ambient light and throw it across the entire space creating a prismatic display of colours and a fun party ambience. It is hung from the ceiling and is operated with a remote control or is set to rotate on its own.

2. Strobes & Flickers

Another party essential is the strobe light that goes on and off with gaps creating flashes of light in various patterns. The variations, light colours and flash speed can be adjusted depending on the strobe equipment. The random flickering creates a rocking party environment that your friends won't forget.

3. LED & Laser Lights

Party lights have become incredibly diverse and come with a wide range of options these days. You can set up a laser light projector for indoor as well as outdoor parties. The equipment creates a fun and unique arrangement of lights that is perfect for dancing the night away with your friends. It also creates a cool setup for fun nighttime photography. 

4. DJ or Stage Lights

Halogen lights have evolved to become an essential part of the DJ world. They are designed to project a unique display of colours and patterns through a mirror reflected filter gel. The patterns and lights change rapidly to the beat of the music the DJ plays and create an amazing party ambience. It can be operated with remote control and is lightweight equipment that can be stored easily.


While it may be fun to install disco lights at your party, make sure not to go overboard with the strobes or flickering lights. They are known to cause a mental disorientating condition called flicker vertigo or the Bucha effect in some individuals. It can induce nausea, vertigo, eye strain or severe headaches in some people. Also, make sure that there aren't guests who have epilepsy as party lights are known to cause serious disorientating issues in epileptics. It is also important that you set up festive lights in a safe manner to be out of people's way to prevent accidents like tripping over the cables, liquid spills on the equipment, fire hazards or electrocution etc. 

Price List

Model Price
Colorful Rotating Party Lamp Disco Light Rs. 299
7 Colors DJ Disco Ball Lumiere 3W Sound Activated Laser Pro… Rs. 2,249
Mini Wireless DMX512 Receiver 2.4Ghz signal stability led d… Rs. 2,999
LED Disco Light Rs. 2,659
AC90-240V 5W LED Mini Spot Lamp Stage Light Lighting Fixtur… Rs. 2,161
【To Global】30W RGBW LED Stage Light DMX512 Disco Party Club… Rs. 3,909
E27 Led RGB Sound Control Effect Light 110-240V Led Crystal… Rs. 399
As Seen On Tv Led Disco Light Rs. 2,250
Bluetooth Speaker Bulb Smart Led Rgb + Remote Control Wirel… Rs. 899
Colorful Rotating Party Lamp Disco Light Rs. 299
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