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The Lowest price of Dior Hypnotic Poison in Pakistan is Rs.29,250 and estimated average price is Rs.41,835.


Created in the late nineties, the Hypnotic Poison was released worldwide in 1998. It has dominating aromatic notes of coconut, plum and apricot that will stay for as long as 3 hours.


The base notes are musk, almond, sandalwood and vanilla staying on for the entire day. It was created by experts Annick Menardo and Francois Demachy, it is an Eau de toilette with a new vibrant red colour profile fragrance bottle. The special quality of Poison was the contrasting lighter fruit notes mixed in with the velvety eastern aromas.

Extrait de Parfum in 2000 that had a special press ball mechanism for a wider spray release. The recognisable ingredients are the bitter almonds, caraway spice, jasmine, tuberose cinnamon, vanilla, musk and jacaranda wood. There are layers of aromas in the formula that are slowly released while wearing the perfume.

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Model Price
Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison For Women Edt Spray 100ml Rs. 29,250
Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison EDT 100ml (Ladies) Rs. 54,421
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