Dior Bags Price in Pakistan

1 results for Dior Bags from 1 online stores. Dior Bags price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 3,280 to Rs. 3,280

Save 20% Dior Style Women Handbag Red - 8115
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Rs. 3,280

Dior Style Women Handbag Red - 8115

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Dior Bags Price in Pakistan

1 results for Dior Bags from 1 online stores. Dior Bags price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 3,280 to Rs. 3,280

Dior Bags Price List

Dior Style Women Handbag Red - 8115 Rs. 3,280

Dior Bags Overview

Pakistani ladies love dressing up and accessorizing their attire with chunky jewellery and stylish looking handbags. Prominent international brands such as Dior, Hermès, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Michael Kors, Kate Spade etc are the major players in manufacturing high-end ladies handbags and target the premium segment. Dior is a world-renowned French luxury goods brand known for for its high-quality cosmetics, haute couture collections, luxurious ready-to-wear fashions and fragrances. Dior bags and shoes fall in the luxury and expensive category of goods and are targeted at the rich and the elite. Check out Dior bags price in Pakistan and also compare them to other items to find the best deal for yourself. 

Dior Bags Description

Clutches, totes, purses etc are all examples of Dior bags UK that complete a woman's look whether going to the office, hanging out with friends or attending a formal event. High-quality, as well as knockoffs of Dior bags and shoes as well as sunglasses, are available online at varied prices in Pakistan.

Dior Bags Material & Design

Dior bags can be made out of a variety of materials such as leather, glass, metal, paper, canvas, lambskin, crocodile skin, velvet, silk etc. They also come in all shapes, colours, sizes and designs. Some of them are spacious and are meant to hold more than just your currency or business cards. Such examples include messengers, saddles, totes, satchel, backpacks, cross body bags etc. Other Dior bag types are not very utilitarian as they are a mere fashion accessory such as a clutch, baguette bag, purses etc. They are great for date night, evening outings or formal events. 

Lady Dior Bag

One of the iconic Dior bags is the Lady Dior which was manufactured in honour of Diana, Princess of Wales. The bag was presented to her by the then-first lady of France, Bernadette Chirac. The Dior bag is curated out of soft lambskin and for adding a decorative flair, it is topstitched with the Cannage motif which has become the emblem of Dior. It has rounded edges with the classic DIOR letter charms in reflective gold or metal. The newer versions of this bag feature phoenix print as well as thread embroidery. There is also a smaller version known as the Lady Dior Mini.

Affordable Alternatives in Pakistan

High-end homegrown brands such as Jafferjees manufacture high-quality but way less expensive leather handbags than Dior.  Online brands that offer budget-friendly ladies handbags include Etihad, Mauj Accessories. Fashion Mini, Buy4easy, Uniswag etc. 

Dior Bag Buying Guide

1. Always go for a bag that is opposite to your body type. Tall and thin ladies should go for the short, wide and slouchy shaped handbags such as the clutch. Never go for the shoulder bag variety that has short straps.

2. Delicate looking ladies with a small frame should avoid carrying oversized bags or shoulder bags with long straps. The best option for petite ladies is a medium-sized tote Dior bag.

3. Plus-sized ladies should opt for a structured bag and avoid small prints and tiny bags at all costs. 

4. Never carry a blingy handbag to work. They are for evenings or formal event. 

5. Formal colours like black, brown, navy, burgundy, dark green and dark shades of red are for the office.

6. Casual bags for ladies can sport a riot of colours.

7. Carry a purse or clutch to evening or formal events.

8. Tote bags are the best option for the office or shopping.

9. Always make sure to purchase a handbag made out of eco-friendly material.

10. Beware of the counterfeit versions of high-end Dior bags that are present in the market. They may look the same as the original but definitely are inferior in quality and durability.