Diners Waistcoat Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Diners Waistcoat in Pakistan is Rs.895 and estimated average price is Rs.1,411.


The waistcoats available at Diners have a range of designs including the traditional solid coloured grey, black, blue and rust that can be worn semi-casually to Friday prayers and office. There are also the more festive versions of these classic cuts with printed, embroidered and brightly coloured designs great for a mehndi or wedding function.


Diners has a deep understanding of design innovation in formal button down shirts, this can be seen in their ethnic collections with a variety of colours and styles along with unique local raw materials to manufacture yarn blends, using high-tech advanced dyeing and weaving techniques to create clothing fabrics. The products are international standard in their final finishing and are export quality goods. 

Price List

Model Price
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0031-BROWN Rs. 1,245
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0032-BLACK Rs. 1,342
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0029-ROYAL BLUE Rs. 1,867
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0024-PURPLE Rs. 1,445
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0023-D-GREEN Rs. 1,445
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0029-L-GREY Rs. 1,867
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0022-GREY Rs. 1,245
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0029-MUSTARD Rs. 1,867
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0027-GOLDEN Rs. 895
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0028-R-BLUE Rs. 895
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