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The Lowest price of Diaper Bag in Pakistan is Rs.995 and estimated average price is Rs.2,435.


Moving about with an infant requires a bit of planning and some extra diapers for backup. A large baby bag is a convenient option that can accommodate all baby essentials that you would need for travelling with your baby. However, to save space and for short distance travelling, you can also buy a small bag that can only accommodate a few diapers at a time. Check out diaper bag prices in Pakistan and read on for more. 


Parents or caretakers often carry extra diapers while going out with a baby to ensure they have a backup if any diaper accidents occur. Sometimes a baby has a loose stomach and would need more than normal diaper changings in a day. So carrying extra diapers is always a good idea. You can also use this bag for carrying all your baby essentials.

Materials & Design

Also called a maternity or baby bag, it can be easily carried on one shoulder or lifted by the handles. Diaper bags also come in backpack design that makes them even easier to carry for long-distance walking. It is a lightweight bag usually made out of soft waterproof fabrics with puffy or foamed inner lining. Most commonly used material is durable polyester or other stain-resistant fabrics.

Types & Size

Some types come with extra insulated bags that can be used as bottle warmers and can keep the bottles warm for hours. The large capacity bags ideally have multiple compartments inside and outside the bag for accommodating all baby essentials. There can be front pockets, side pockets, zipper closures, drink holders, inner pockets and closures etc. A good quality diaper backpack or bag would also have strong shoulder straps, waterproof bag for wet clothes or used diapers, carrying handles, stroller straps, storage bag, feeder cover and a changing mat. 

Diaper Bag Essentials

Depending on your baby's and your needs a good diaper or maternity bag can accommodate all essential things that your baby requires and also some of your own stuff. You can carry extra diapers, formula milk, baby clothes, bottles, water, sippy cup, wet wipes, tissue paper, petroleum jelly, anti-rash cream, small toys. baby food or snacks etc. You can also stash in your lipstick, keys or other small items.

Popular Brands in Pakistan

You can buy high quality and durable diaper bags from leading Pakistani stores like Mothercare, Zubaida's, Graco, The Baby Shop, Mushrooms, AK Galleria, Maya's Closet etc.

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Price List

Model Price
Little Sparks Diaper Bag Baby Cartoon Purple (Small) Rs. 995
Little Star Baby Diaper Bag Nappy Grey Rs. 3,195
Newborn Baby Bag - Fawn Rs. 1,799
Newborn Maternity 3 Piece Baby Bag - Dark Grey Rs. 1,599
Baby Bucket Diaper Bag/Red and Navy Blue Rs. 1,749
Multifunctional Large Capacity Baby Diaper Bag For Mummy Rs. 2,999
Angelo Baby Green Diaper Bag Rs. 2,495
Baby King Diaper Bag - Blue(Large Size) Rs. 2,599
Diaper bag pack Rs. 1,599
Large Capacity Baby Stroller Bag Storage Organizer Mom Trav… Rs. 1,585
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