Dettol Surface Cleaner Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Dettol Surface Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs.325 and estimated average price is Rs.661.


Surfaces in our homes and offices need to be disinfected for a germ-free living. Surface cleaners by Dettol effectively clean and disinfect floors, slabs, counters and multiple contact surfaces around the living spaces. The prices of Dettol Surface Cleaners in Pakistan are nominal and can be compared on this page.


Dettol Surface Cleaners are non-bleaching agents that ensure the prevention and control of bacteria, infection and germs and also help remove stains and grime etc.

1. Kills Germs

Regular mopping of the floor only does little to remove germs and infections from the house. The process only removes dirt and Dettol Surface Cleaner helps kill and control 99.9% of germs and bacteria around the house by creating a protective barrier around the surfaces. 

2. Prevents Allergies & Infections

Most households tend to be more susceptible to allergies due to the dust mites, pollen, pet dander and other problematic agents laying around the house Cleaning your house with Dettol Surface Cleaning liquids can help get rid of dust and other particles that settle on several surfaces and cause infection. These germs can cause health issues like E. Coli, allergies, salmonella, influenza etc.

3. Eliminates Odor

Dettol Surface Cleaning liquids come in many variants and fragrances. They eliminate bad smells around the house by keeping the surfaces squeaky clean and fragrant. The formulas also help keep the air healthy and fresh throughout the day.

Buy Dettol Surface Cleaners at the best prices in Pakistan on this page. Choose from a broad range of fresh fragrances like Lavender, Pomegranate, Orange, Cotton Breeze, Citrus etc. 

Price List

Model Price
Dettol Surface Cleaner Oud 500ml Rs. 399
Dettol Surface Cleaner Aqua 500ml Rs. 399
Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner, Floral, 1.8 Liters Rs. 1,050
Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner Floral 1000ml Rs. 612
Dettol Dettol Surface Cleaner Floral 1ltr Promo P… Rs. 629
Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner Lemon 1 L Rs. 800
Dettol Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner Lemon 1.8ltr … Rs. 1,049
Dettol Rose Fragrance Multi Surface Cleaner 1000ml Rs. 599
Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner Oud 1 Litre Rs. 800
Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner Rose 1 L Rs. 800
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