Dell Laptop Charger Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Dell Laptop Charger in Pakistan is Rs.1,999 and estimated average price is Rs.3,056.


If in case you lost your charger or need a new one, check out Dell laptop charger prices in Pakistan on our page. Not every Dell charger will work on all Dell models so it is important that you search for the compatible charger. We have enlisted trusted sellers who have chargers for all Dell laptop lines. The price for Dell laptop chargers in Pakistan ranges from midrange to slightly expensive depending on the seller and quality.


Portable & Compact

Dell chargers for laptops easily fit your luggage while travelling as they are compact, lightweight and portable. You can also fold their flexible cord and store them in the laptop bag or a drawer when not needed. Dell laptop chargers can simultaneously charge your laptop as well as keep it turned on while plugged into a power source. This way you don't have to wait till the laptop completely gets charged for you to use it. 

Quality & Availability

There is nothing like the original charger and battery that you get with your brand new laptop at the time of purchase. With a little effort, you can find the best Dell laptop charger that works perfectly fine just like your original charger did. Some online sellers may even give you a month's warranty but it entirely depends on the seller and the charger's quality.


Dell laptop chargers are made under international standards and certifications. You can buy these chargers without worrying about clashes as they are perfectly compatible with Dell laptop and their specifications. Some sellers also offer 30-day money-back guarantee on these chargers if they don't seem to work for you or are not that efficient in your opinion. There is also a 12-month manufacturer's warranty on some of these chargers for defects. 

Price List

Model Price
Dell 19.5v 4.62A Old Shape Original Laptop Adapter Charger Rs. 1,999
Dell 19.5v 2.31 Round Shape (3.0-4.5) Original Laptop Adapt… Rs. 4,999
Dell 19.5v 3.34a New Hp Shape Original Laptop Adapter Charg… Rs. 2,999
Dell 19.5v 4.62A Slim Original Laptop Adapter Charger Rs. 2,499
Dell 19.5v 7.7a Original Laptop Adapter Charger Rs. 2,999
Lenovo AC Adapter Charger For ThinkPad Series Rs. 2,999
Dell Cable - DC Power Dongle Rs. 3,199
Dell 19v 1.58a Original Laptop Adapter Charger Rs. 2,099
Dell 19.5v 3.34a Dc Pin Original Laptop Adapter Charger Rs. 2,999
Dell 19v 3.16A Original Laptop Adapter Charger Rs. 2,199
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