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One of the healthy foods one can consume is olives, a fruit from the olive tree; although consumed more as a vegetable. The Del Monte Pitted Green Olives are prepared so they are easy to consume as pitting takes a lot of time and can be tedious.


Del Monte Pitted Green Olives can be used in a ton of ways, the most common use is adding them to a salad. People have them on pizza, sandwiches, with hummus and so much more. Olives are a near staple food and side.

Olives are a healthy food, packed with antioxidants which help with chronic inflammation. They have iron, copper, calcium and vitamin E in them. The Del Monte Pitted Green Olives come in a brine solution, which makes them quite salty. One could soak them in water to help reduce some of the salt if you are trying to avoid it.

Del Monte Pitted Green Olives are okay to eat till a little after 30 months from the manufacture date, meaning they can be stored for quite a while. This time reduces significantly once the bottle has been opened, so keep that in mind and do not let them go bad. Keeping them in the fridge helps keep them in a good state.