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A healthy fruit that is added to many dishes such as salads, pizzas and more. The Del Monte Black Olives come pitted or sliced, one can get the type that suits their needs. Sliced ones would make it a lot easier to add onto pizza, for instance, saving time.


Olives are the fruit that is borne by the olive tree and the common types are either black or green. The Del Monte Black Olives do not have the pit inside so it is easy to add them to salads and one can also get sliced ones that are used on pizza commonly.

Sliced black olives would help save time in the kitchen, especially in restaurants where work is done on a larger scale. The Del Monte Black Olives come in a brine solution that is salty so one can soak them in plain water if you want to reduce the salt in them.

Black olives are healthy and are full of antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E. They help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and strokes.

Del Monte Black Olives are very tasty and could be eaten on their own as well. Olives are used in many cuisines and can be found on things such as hummus as well.