Deep Fryer Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Deep Fryer in Pakistan is Rs.2,999 and estimated average price is Rs.13,821.


Deep frying is a way to prepare some of the tastiest foods. It involves a large amount of oil and isn't always the most healthy way to cook. There are deep fryers that are easy to fit on a countertop and larger ones that are for commercial kitchens.


A great way to prepare tasty food, deep-frying is one of the main methods of cooking. To do it one needs a deep fryer, there are two kinds, one is electronic and the other makes use of gas. The gas one is more common in commercial kitchens.

The electronic deep fryer has a timer and also the temperature, you can set these two values as you need to for the specific food you are cooking. A deep fryer has a basket with a handle, you can drop the food into it and then use the basket to take it out of the hot oil. Many have more sections with individual baskets so you can cook separate things.

The tank capacity of a deep fryer decides what you can cook in it, there are some that are made for only smaller things such as fries and others that could easily fry a whole chicken.

The oil in a deep fryer needs to be replaced in a timely manner as it starts to get dirty and also the dirt settling at the bottom needs to be cleaned or it adds a weird flavour to your foods. If this burnt sediment is not cleaned it can also attach to the food you are cooking, which is also a problem.


An electronic deep fryer does consume a lot of electricity which is why commercial spaces would rather use a gas one. The price of a deep fryer depends on the specific type, smaller ones are in an affordable range and the larger ones cost more.

One can decide based on their needs, if it is for the home a smaller one would do, a commercial kitchen would need a larger one.

Price List

Model Price
Chef 20 Cm Metal Finish Potato & Chips Fryer Rs. 2,999
Moulinex Deep Fryer AF203110 Rs. 16,600
Russell Hobbs 19773 Professional Deep Fryer Rs. 11,900
Turkish 4.0 Liter Deep Fryer Rs. 16,999
High Quality Temperature Control 4.0L Electric Deep Fryer S… Rs. 16,900
Westpoint WF-5234 – Electric Deep Fryer – White Rs. 9,040
Turkish 4.0 Liter Deep Fryer Rs. 16,700
Premium Deep Fryer Rs. 14,700
Imported Professional 6 Liter Deep Fryer Rs. 18,999
Imported Professional 6 Liter Deep Fryer Rs. 17,000
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