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The Lowest price of Decoration Piece in Pakistan is Rs.450 and estimated average price is Rs.1,585.


The best part of setting up a new home is the interior decorating it takes to make it personal and beautiful. Men and women who enjoy shopping for handcrafted sculptures, carpets, wall art and paintings can find hundreds of quality decoration pieces on Shopsy. 


Wall Hanging

Pakistan has a rich history in textile arts, regional techniques dated back thousands of years to Indus Valley Civilisation period have become part of our art and craft heritage. Tourists enjoy visiting Pakistan and collecting memorabilia that has these hand made techniques like stone carving, wood carving and ceramics to name a few popular crafts. These little trinkets, animal sculptures, architectural models, boxes for tissues and jewellery make great home decoration and gifts. 


The Persian carpet industry has deep roots in Pakistan for centuries, there are loom and silk thread-based carpets, embroidery, darris and chatais available that are used as statement decoration pieces bringing ethnic and eastern flavour to the home. There are geometric designs paired with ethnic motifs in silk thread, wool, jute and other interesting textiles in various sizes. 

Carpets are not limited to traditional designs, there are a number of modern and contemporary mats, runners and wall to wall carpeting options for homes and offices.  

Ethnic Handicrafts

The hand-painted boxes are another great decoration piece for the drawing-room coffee table, dining room centrepiece or bedroom side tables or dresser. Bone carved boxes are now not made from endangered animals but cow bone or camel bone that are intricated carved and is considered a dying art. These hand-carved techniques are considered very high-end decoration pieces internationally but in Pakistan, there are many craftsmen who are selling these items for reasonable prices. 


Another popular home and office decoration are the highly sought after Calligraphy pieces as these are not considered only decorative but have high esteem placed on them as a part of religious observance making them a valued and blissful piece to have in the home. 

Vases and Trays

Other functional decoration pieces are vases and trays that are available in glass, ceramic and silver variety. Vases are used for holding flowers both real and artificial that bring colour to the home and office.  Trays are kept in the main entrance of the home as a decoration piece but also to hold keys for easy access when entering and leaving the home. 

Price List

Model Price
10 piece Beaded Curtain Door Wooden Doorway Decor… Rs. 1,699
Round Leaves Set as a decoration center piece fo… Rs. 1,850
Pack of 2 Artificial Trees Decoration Piece Rs. 450
5 Piece wall frames wall art picture frames woode… Rs. 2,799
Decoration Piece Magic Tree Big Look Rs. 999
Decoration Piece Gold Crystal Glass Vase for Tabl… Rs. 2,100
Clock Quartz Watch Decoration Piece Items Design … Rs. 975
4x3''-Mirror Work & Beaded Classy Rickshaw Decora… Rs. 699
1 piece luxury ceramic vase for Hoom decoration ,… Rs. 2,999
Round Leaves Set as a decoration center piece fo… Rs. 2,150
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