Decakila Blender Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Decakila Blender in Pakistan is Rs.3,800 and estimated average price is Rs.8,528.


Blenders are a very useful small appliance for the kitchen. The Decakila Blender comes with multiple speeds and also has a pulse mode. This blender comes with a main container and smaller ones that can be used to grind spices.


The Decakila Blender can be used to blend all the different things you would need to prepare ingredients for cooking or if you are making a milkshake. There are 1.5 litres of space in the main jug. 

This blender also comes with smaller containers that can be used as grinders for spices. These add a lot more usage to your Decakila Blender as grinding spices can take a lot of time and hassle.

To make sure one gets the consistency they want, the Decakila Blender has different speeds. There is also the pulse mode that can be used for shorter bursts.

The design of the Decakila Blender is chic, making it add to your kitchen in feel too. There is a double jug lock safety feature that makes this appliance safer to use.

Decakila Blenders are relatively more expensive compared to regular options.

Price List

Model Price
Decakila Hand Blender 250W White (KEJB017W) Rs. 3,800
Decakila Stand Juicer Blender (KEJB014W) Rs. 6,950
Decakila Citrus juicer – KEJC001W Rs. 8,427
Decakila KMJB012L Cordless Portable Blender With … Rs. 4,999
Decakila KEJB001W Stand Blender With Official War… Rs. 5,799
Decakila Stand Blender 1.5L Black (KEJB002W) Rs. 9,900
Decakila 200W Hand Mixer White (KEMX001W) Rs. 4,900
Decakila Stand Juicer Blender (KEJB007B) Rs. 9,900
Decakila 350W Stand Blender (KEJB013W) Rs. 5,950
Decakila Power Blender 2L (KEJB015B) Rs. 30,000
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