Ddr3 Ram Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Ddr3 Ram in Pakistan is Rs.490 and estimated average price is Rs.11,833.


A key component of desktops and laptops. The RAM is used as the workhorse memory for the motherboard to complete tasks. The more you have the more your computer can take on. RAM prices vary depending on the amount a chip holds, which can range from 2GB to 32GB or more.


What is DDR3

Developed by JEDEC, the DDR3 stands for 'Double Data Rate Type 3'. It is a type of common SDRAM that is used as system memory for the computer to run its processes and softwares. With size variations for desktops and laptops, the latter ones being more compact so as to fit better into the small space of a laptop and not affect the overall form size.

How is DDR3 different

DDR3 RAM is an upgrade from DDR2 RAM and is essentially twice as fast. DDR2 RAM used to send information to the CPU at 3200 Mbps; DDR3 RAM sends 6400 Mbps. This faster rate of transfer allows for lesser strain when larger data is being processed, thus making the computer quick. The two being very similar to look at, have a variation in the gap between the pins that both modules have; this is to prevent DDR3 RAM being installed in a slot that does not support it.

Top production brands being Sandisk, Kingston and Ballistix.

Price List

Model Price
1 Gb Ddr3 Laptop Ram Rs. 490
Kingston DDR3 4GB PC1600 SO NoteBook Rs. 5,599
Ram 4gb Ddr3 Desktop (240-pin Dimm) Used Rs. 2,699
Kingston DDR3 4GB PC1600 LV SO NoteBook Rs. 5,899
Core I5 3470 Gaming Pc - Hp Pro 3500 3rd Generation - Proce… Rs. 20,499
Atom Eee Pc 1016pt-bu27 10.1 Netbook Computer (black) Mini … Rs. 9,799
Transcend 8GB Desktop DDR3 RAM Rs. 8,999
Transcend 4GB Desktop DDR3 RAM Rs. 5,899
Renewed - Complete Desktop PC - Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF - Co… Rs. 27,100
Adata 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz AD3S1333C4G9-R Laptop Ram Rs. 4,999
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