Day Fresh Milk Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Day Fresh Milk in Pakistan is Rs.49 and estimated average price is Rs.324.


A few milk brands in Pakistan have imported animals that they source their produce from, this includes Day Fresh Milk. The brand offers a variety of milk. Even a range of flavoured milk in single-serving sizes. The prices are from the lower-end.


Day Fresh Milk

A dairy product brand based out of Dhabeji in Sindh. It is owned by the Akthar Group and was started in 2009. The setup was started with Australian cows at their farm and a processing and packaging plant was established right next to it.

Day Fresh Milk variety

The basics at Day Fresh Milk are their options for regular pasteurised milk, this includes options for Full Cream and Low Fat. This milk has an expiry of 4 to 5 days. This is available in quantities of 1 litre.

The milk that lasts a lot longer is their option for Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treated milk. The UHT process kills off more bacteria but it also denatures the proteins and contains about a third less of iodine. The overall quality of proteins also denatures during storage. The UHT variety at Day Fresh Milk has an expiry of 3 months. This milk is available in 1 litre and also 235ml.

Day Fresh Milk also has a range of flavoured milk. It is not specified but given it also has a 3-month shelf life it is probably the UHT treated milk. The flavours are many, including banana, mango, coffee, chocolate, strawberry and pista zafraan. These flavoured options are available in smaller quantities of 235ml, making them a single serving option for on the go.

There is also an option for Lactose Free milk, this is great for people who cannot process lactose and need a milk source still.


The brand claims that there are no hormonal injections given to their cows, making the milk free of such hormones as well. The milk is homogenised for an even texture, making it a lot more smooth to drink.

The prices of Day Fresh Milk are competitive; it is available at lower-end prices.

Price List

Model Price
Day Fresh Strawberry Milk 235 ML X 12 Rs. 696
Day Fresh Banana Milk 235ml Rs. 60
Day Fresh Flavored Milk Strawberry 225 ML Rs. 60
Day Fresh Full Cream Milk 1 Litre Rs. 200
Dayfresh Milk 235ML x 24 Rs. 1,311
Day Fresh Day Fresh Milk Full Cream 235ml Rs. 53
Day Fresh Chocolate Salted Caramel Milk, 225ml Rs. 100
Day Fresh Belgian Chocolate Milk, 225ml Rs. 100
Day Fresh UHT Milk 235 ML Rs. 55
Day Fresh Banana Flavored Milk 235ml Rs. 49
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