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The Lowest price of Dawn Paratha in Pakistan is Rs.130 and estimated average price is Rs.427.


Who doesn't love a wholesome paratha with tea and omelette for breakfast! Dawn frozen foods introduced a quick and healthy option with their frozen parathas and have made the lives of homemakers easier. You can buy different types of ready to fry parathas by Dawn and save loads of time. Check Dawn paratha prices in Pakistan as well as multiple options offered by the brand on this page. 


Most Pakistani households start their day with parathas as a traditional Pakistani "nashta" (breakfast) and can't do without it. They are a healthy source of nutrition and very filling as well as delicious. But the process is long and tedious from kneading the dough, waiting out for it to harden a bit, to rolling out the chappati and frying it till it's perfectly crispy golden. With readily available parathas by Dawn, one can simply heat some oil in a flat pan and fry the paratha saving tons of time.

Packaging & Types

It is refreshing to see they are not just plain parathas but Dawn parathas come In a wide array of options including:

1. Dawn plain parathas

2. Dawn whole wheat parathas

3. Dawn aloo parathas

4. Dawn chicken parathas

5. Dawn lachchaydar parathas

Ingredients and Calories

Dawn parathas are made with wheat flour, margarine, baking powder and salt. They also use semolina and white flour in some of their parathas. The aloo and chicken parathas are stuffed with a thick layer of spiced and minced potatoes and chicken. There are approximately 268 Kcal calories in one serving of a plain paratha by Dawn. They include 34% fat, 60% carbs and 6% protein.

While K&N's and Monsalwa have excelled in chicken and beef frozen foods, Dawn has won the limelight with its ready to fry parathas. You can buy Dawn parathas online in singles, pack of three as well as a pack of twenty. Per pack price varies with type and quantity but they are one of the most affordable breakfast items in Pakistan right now.

Price List

Model Price
Dawn Paratha Plain 5's Rs. 130
Dawn Paratha Plain (20 paratha) Rs. 280
Dawn Plain Paratha, Value Pack, 30 Pieces, 2400g Rs. 720
Dawn Chicken Paratha 3PCS Rs. 226
Dawn Whole Wheat Paratha 5piece 400gm Rs. 160
Dawn Paratha Plain 30's Rs. 669
Dawn Lachha Paratha 4's 400g Rs. 140
Dawn Paratha Plain 20PCS Rs. 520
Dawn Paratha, 20 Pieces, Value Pack Rs. 520
Dawn Frozen Plane Paratha 20pcs in one pack Rs. 561
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