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Dawlance is known for their fridges but also produce a lot of other appliances, this includes sandwich makers. This machine can make it a lot easier for you to make sandwiches without burning them. They come with a timer and the inside is non-stick so the sandwich is easy to take out. The price of these sandwich makers is affordable.


If you regularly make sandwiches for snacks, a sandwich maker can make this process a lot easier for you. Dawlance has an option for a sandwich maker as well.

The insides of the Dawlance sandwich maker is coated with non-stick material, this makes it easy to take out your sandwiches and also to wipe it clean. One can make two sandwiches at one time and the plates are designed with the standard triangle cutting design. This makes your sandwich into two triangles and makes it very easy to eat.

After putting the sandwich in, you have to press the lid closed and shit it with the clamp. Once it heats it melts things like cheeses so you get a nice texture with your sandwiches.

One could also make sweet sandwiches in their Dawlance sandwich maker.

The price of the Dawlance sandwich maker is at an affordable rate.