Dawlance Kitchen Hood Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Dawlance Kitchen Hood in Pakistan is Rs.37,799 and estimated average price is Rs.47,661.


A useful installation to keep your kitchen ventilated and your stovetop well lit. Dawlance has a few different options and the major differences are in design. One can choose something that fits their kitchen aesthetic. This is a relatively expensive device.

Pros & Cons


  • Helps rid kitchen of fumes


Dawlance kitchen hoods are designed to keep your kitchen free of smoke and fumes from cooking. This device goes on top of the stove and it also has lights built into it, in case you need more light over your cooking pots.

There are different speed settings for the exhaust and one can pick the more apt one based on how much they are cooking or what they are cooking. This hood needs to be cleaned as it gathers a layer of grease fast given where it is installed.

The Dawlance kitchen hoods also have filters that need to be cleaned and are designed in a way that they are easy to clean.

The price of a Dawlance kitchen hood is generally high.

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance DCB-7310-S A Kitchen Hood Rs. 37,799
Dawlance DCT-9630SA Kitchen Hood Rs. 43,399
Dawlance DCB-9630B Kitchen Hood Rs. 40,250
Dawlance DCT-9630SA Kitchen Hood Rs. 45,799
Dawlance DCB-9630 B A Kitchen Hood Rs. 39,799
Dawlance DCB-7310S Kitchen Hood Rs. 39,499
Dawlance DCA 9630 BG Kitchen Hood Rs. 62,999
Dawlance DCA-9630-BG Kitchen Hood Rs. 64,899
Dawlance Hood 9630B Rs. 44,500
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