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The Lowest price of Data Cable in Pakistan is Rs.100 and estimated average price is Rs.353.


Data cables are used very regularly today, for both, charging one's phone and transferring files from a computer to the phone. The qualities vary a lot, the more expensive ones are better quality generally. The prices vary on the make and length.


Data cables

Essentially any cable that can transmit 1s and 0s is a data cable. In today's terms, it more often refers to a USB cable. These data cables allow us to connect our portable devices to chargers and computers. Allowing one to transfer files from the computer to the portable device such as a smartphone or tablet.


Data cables have all kinds of variations as far as their connector goes, with all the options available. USB to miniUSB, USB to USB Type-C or USB to microUSB. Which one is needed is a matter of the device/s in question.

The quality of data cables varies, this affects its transfer/charging rates and durability. The more expensive ones will survive longer, cheaper ones tend to go break where the wire joins with the connector. Available for a varied range of prices depending on the make and length. 

Price List

Model Price
HUAWEI Micro USB Data, Fast Charging Cable 1M Rs. 100
Audionic Roger Type-C Data Cable Black (RO-33T) Rs. 395
Audionic Iphone CHARGING & DATA CABLE RO-22 Rs. 350
Spiral Silicon Cable Protector - Spring Rubber Cable Protec… Rs. 120
Remax Jewellery Micro USB Data Cable RC058m Rs. 599
VOOC Flash Fast Charging Micro USB Charging Sync Data Trans… Rs. 160
REMAX Zigie Series Magnet Connection Data Cable RC-102i Rs. 700
Joyroom Fast Data Round Cable,1.0meter S118 Rs. 399
REMAX Zigie Series Magnet Connection Data Cable RC-102m Rs. 650
Realme USB Data Cable Android Micro Lead Genuine Original C… Rs. 130
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