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The Lowest price of Dart Board in Pakistan is Rs.180 and estimated average price is Rs.1,229.


A dart board is used for a simple game that involves throwing darts at it to hit the marked portions and win points. Dart boards are available for lower-end prices.



A game that involves throwing small projectiles at a corkboard that is circular which known as a dart board. Better quality dart boards are made from sisal fibres, this works as the dart only separates the fibres upon entry and technically does not cause any damage. A regulation board is 451 mm (17 3⁄4 in) in diameter and is divided into 20 radial sections which have thin sheet metal strips between them.

The dart game does not have any specific rules and individuals arbitrarily specify areas with their points on the sectioned board. There are pizza slice-like sections as well as circular rings that divide them. Some dart boards have the marking scheme printed onto them.

The darts used to hit the dart board were originally stubs of arrows or crossbow bolts. Today the darts are made from plastic with a metal nail-like point that pierces the dart board.


Dart boards are for nominal prices generally, unless is a specific high-quality version.

One should be careful while playing darts as the dart itself can be dangerous if it hits a person. Maintain a clear area between the dart board and player. To circumvent this there are also dart boards that have a metal sheet and the darts have small magnets instead of pointy ends.

Price List

Model Price
Kids Game Fabric Dart Board Set With Sticky Darts And Balls Rs. 180
Baili 17" large hard board dart game for kids Rs. 1,985
New Dart Board Safe Magnetic Dartboard Game Includes 6 Back… Rs. 1,799
Kids Velcro Dart Board With Darts Set Rs. 240
Baili 12 inches small hard board dart game for kids Rs. 1,248
Dart Board With 4 Darts-12 Inches-by Hk Dealer Rs. 850
Magnetic Dart Board Plastic Rs. 1,922
Baili 15" medium hard board dart game for kids Rs. 1,695
Rollable Magnetic Dart Board Black Rs. 1,770
Dart Board With 6 Darts Arrows And 1 Double Sided Dartboard… Rs. 888
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