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The Lowest price of Dany Tablet in Pakistan is Rs.11,300 and estimated average price is Rs.16,598.


Dany Technologies produces a fair amount of various electronics, with a segment of budget-friendly tablets. The tablets have all the needed connectivity features and are available in various sizes. The prices vary somewhat as well, depending on these features and the size one chooses to buy but generally, all are from a lower price point.

Pros & Cons


  • Budget-friendly


  • Lower quality build

  • Dated OS


Dany Technologies

A locally grown brand based in Karachi that has multiple interests, Audionic being one of them. Dany Tech itself produces many devices including tablets, HDTV devices, Bluetooth earphones and other phone accessories. Their tablet segment has quite a few options that vary in size, features and price.

Dany tablets

The Dany tablet range is essentially low power smartphones that are large in size. Most of the tabs are built with Dual-SIM support, connecting one to the internet and enabling calls. Other features include cameras, with some that have cameras on both sides too. For maximised connectivity the Bluetooth system is a part of their tablets; users can use it to connect their headphones or external speakers if they want more decibels. Certain models have USB On The Go, which makes them function similar to a PC when you connect a USB flash drive to it. The host is able to read files from the thumb drive. Connectivity to WiFi networks is also common among their tablets.

The OS in these tabs is the Google Android platform that is specifically designed for hand-held devices. The version is an older one but this is also due to the fact that these tabs are extremely competitive in price. The RAM and processors are generally also a base level spec for something of a larger size, again due to budgetary considerations. Storage space is also basic, but with the options to expand it with a microSD card. A few of the tablets support 3D graphics and come with their own pair of glasses to view such graphics. 

These kinds of tablets are great for offices that need a large number of them for employees to keep track of stock or if restaurants want their waiters to take orders via a tablet. Taking orders on a tablet means the orders are automatically being transferred to the kitchen, making the process more efficient. The battery power on these devices is ample to support such functions.

The designs are simple and at times reminiscent of the larger brands that develop higher-end tablets. The build quality is decent given the price range.

Available at a lower price range, making these tablets very accessible. A good buy for kids, with a few models built with kids in mind; to help their learning. The Dany tab range may not be high-end but given the budget, they are being sold at they do have all the necessary options to be connected to the digital world today.

Price List

Model Price
Dany Max5 7" 16GB Tab Genius Black Rs. 11,300
Dany Signature 4G Rs. 25,500
Dany Genius 10" 2GB 32GB Dual Sim Tablet (Icon 25) Rs. 21,599
Dany Genius Max5 Rs. 14,000
Dany Monster 4G LTE 7" 16GB Dual SIm Tablet Rs. 13,780
Dany Monster 4G LTE 7" 8GB Dual SIm Tablet Rs. 16,499
Dany Genius Max 5 7" 16GB 1GB Ram Dual Sim Rs. 12,499
Dany Monster 4G LTE (2GB RAM+16GB Storage) 7-inch… Rs. 19,399
Monster 4G LTE (7inch Quad Core 2GB RAM + 16GB St… Rs. 16,900
Dany Tab Genius Prime 10"- 16GB/IPS Display Rs. 14,900
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