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The Lowest price of Dalda Ghee in Pakistan is Rs.671 and estimated average price is Rs.2,445.


Dalda Ghee is a cooking oil that is based on vegetable oil. After a process at the factory, it achieves a ghee like texture. Dalda produces VTF banaspati ghee which is healthier than regular banaspati ghee. Dalda Ghee is available for competitive prices.


Dalda Ghee

Known as Dalda VTF Banaspati Ghee, this is a form of "hydrogenated" oil that attains a ghee like texture after this process. The base oil is vegetable oil. The VTF banaspati means that it is "Virtual Trans-fat Free", meaning it has a trans fat content of 2%, unlike common banaspati that has up to 20%. The reduced quantity of trans fats means it is not as bad for the health, otherwise, it can cause heart and cholesterol problems.

Dalda Ghee is used in place of normal ghee to diffuse some of the cost, as natural ghee is a very costly food item for regular use. Dalda is about a 5th the price of actual desi ghee.

Dalda Ghee is a competitively priced product, allowing more people access to it. The packaging can be from 1kg packs to 5kg tins or more. Households generally buy smaller packages while restaurants and other commercial ventures buy the larger tins.

Price List

Model Price
Dalda Banaspati Ghee Fortefied 5 Kb Tin Rs. 2,725
Dalda VTF Banaspati Ghee 1x5kg Pillow Pouch Rs. 2,725
Dalda Cooking Oil Fortified 5.0 Ltr Tin Rs. 2,965
Dalda Dalda Cooking Oil Bottle 4.5Ltr Rs. 3,444
Dalda Canola Oil 4.5Ltr Rs. 2,971
Dalda Banaspati Ghee Pouch 1Kg 5Pcs Pack Rs. 3,246
Dalda Cooking Oil Pouch 1L 5Pcs Pack Rs. 3,300
Dalda Cooking Oil 5Ltr Tin Rs. 3,355
Dalda Olive Pomace Oil 3ltr Rs. 3,403
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