Dairy Pure Milk Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Dairy Pure Milk in Pakistan is Rs.19 and estimated average price is Rs.192.


Shakarganj Foods launched the premium dairy brand called Dairy Pure Milk that is hygienically packaged in a variety of sizes using Ultra-high temperature processing called UHT to process fresh milk.


Safe & Healthy 

Dairy Pure Milk is manufactured using UHT processing that removes all bacteria to sterilize the milk leaving only the wholesome nutrition in the final product. The plain milk is safe to consume by children and adults. Milk is an essential building block for the body that has Minerals, Proteins and Vitamins that help children develop physically and cognitively. Available in a small single-serving size of 250ml great for encouraging kids to drink more milk as a refreshing beverage. The larger 1litre box can be easily stored at home and is used for baking, tea whitening and smoothies. 

Price List

Model Price
Dairy Pure Milk (250Ml) Rs. 19
Good Milk Pure Cream 200ml Rs. 140
Dairy Pure Milk 225ml Rs. 125
Pakola Pure Milk 250ml Rs. 39
Dairy Pure Milk 1000ML x 12 Rs. 1,500
Pakola Pakola Pure Natural Milk 1Ltr Rs. 189
Pakola Pakola Pure Natural Milk 250ml Rs. 47
LOCAL Prema Pure Chocolate Milk 180ml Rs. 74
LOCAL Prema Fresh Pure Cow Milk 1Ltr Rs. 189
Dairy Pure Milk 1000ML Rs. 125
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