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The Lowest price of Daewoo Battery in Pakistan is Rs.8,610 and estimated average price is Rs.12,374.


An international brand that produces batteries locally with foreign technology and under the watchful eye of foreign technicians. Daewoo has batteries for cars and for UPS or solar systems. The production quality is top-notch and the batteries are reliable. Which battery one buys is a matter of one's requirements and of course, budget.



A South Korean chaebol (a type of conglomerate), that has various business interests in the world. At one time Daewoo was a lot larger but due to a crisis in Asia and mismanagement internally the company had to divest and restructure. There were 20 different divisions under Daewoo back then, some of which survive today as independent companies. In Pakistan, Daewoo constructed the Islamabad-Lahore motorway, known as the M2. They also run a bus service across the country. Another one of their businesses in Pakistan is the Daewoo battery manufacture.

Daewoo batteries

The locally produced Lead-Acid batteries are top quality, the technology involved in production is Korean. Daewoo has a team of Koreans who keep an eye on the proper implementation of their technical designs; designs that are Pakistan specific. This ensures that the product is up to mark.

The Daewoo battery range includes 100% maintenance-free batteries for automotives and specialised deep cycle batteries that are preferred for the UPS or solar systems. The automotive battery is spill-proof with a double seal. Without the hassle of checking the electrolytes, throughout its lifetime. With high Cold Crank Ampere (CCA) ratings, which make the batteries able to start the car efficiently in low-temperature weather as well. These batteries are sold in a ready-to-use state, meaning they do not need to be charged before the first use. This makes them primed for a quick swap out, saving one time and hassle.

Daewoo's deep-cycle technology batteries are designed specifically for a UPS or for solar systems. These are designed to give a longer backup time and last more than regular batteries. An added bonus on these is that Daewoo gives a 1-year free replacement warranty on these batteries. 


The Daewoo battery range has variations in power, which battery you choose to buy depends on the requirements of your car or other systems. The prices vary depending on these power ratings.

Price List

Model Price
Daewoo DL-55 Maintenance Free Lead Acid Sealed Ba… Rs. 9,070
Daewoo DL-60 Maintenance Free Lead Acid Sealed Ba… Rs. 10,890
Daewoo DL-50 Maintenance Free Lead Acid Sealed Ba… Rs. 8,610
Daewoo DLS-105 Maintenance Free Lead Acid Sealed … Rs. 15,780
Daewoo DHV-125 Deep Cycle Lead Acid Sealed Battery Rs. 17,520
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