Dabur Amla Hair Oil Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Dabur Amla Hair Oil in Pakistan is Rs.170 and estimated average price is Rs.301.


A known brand that produces many hair care products. The Dabur Amla Hair Oil is an oil extracted from the amla fruit. It has many positive effects on hair and is used by many people. The price of this product is nominal.



Dabur is a multinational brand that has various holistic products such as oils and herbal medicines. In Pakistan, Dabur is registered under the Asian Consumer Care Pakistan Limited and products are brought in through an official dealership by this way.

Founded in 1884 by S. K. Burman who was an Ayurvedic healer and used his knowledge to create the brand. This allowed him to produce his formulations at a large scale. Generations in, it is still a family-owned endeavour but has professionals running the business end of things.

One of the known Dabur products is Hajmola; the digestion aid.

Dabur Amla Hair Oil

Amla, also known as the Indian gooseberry, is an edible fruit. It belongs to the amla tree and is eaten, raw or cooked. Apart from the culinary uses, oil extracted from amla is used for hair care.

Dabur Amla Hair Oil is used by many people to improve the quality of their hair. It is known to keep the scalp moisturised, prevent hair damage and helps with premature greying. The oil will make the overall quality of your hair better by improving the environment that affects hair.

This oil is scented with a sweet smell. It may be a bit strong for some people.

One is to use an adequate quantity, using too much can attract more dust and leave the hair greasy.


Dabur Amla Hair Oil is available for a nominal rate, letting more people afford this hair care product.

Hair oils have to be made part of ones lifestyle if they want to see the positive effects, they are rarely one time quick fixes.

Price List

Model Price
Dabur Amla Hair Oil 300ml Rs. 490
Dabur Amla Hair Oil 200ml Rs. 450
Dabur Amla Hair Oil 100ml Rs. 250
Dabur Amla Hair Oil 108ml (India) Rs. 450
Dabur Amla Hair Oil -100ml Rs. 189
Dabur Amla Oil (India) - 108 ml Rs. 210
Dabur Amla Jasmine Hair Oil 200 ML Rs. 370
Dabur Sarson Amla Hair Oil 200 ML Rs. 190
Dabur Amla Hair Oil Rs. 340
Dabur Amla Hair Oil (300ml) Rs. 330
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