Cricket Pads Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Cricket Pads in Pakistan is Rs.289 and estimated average price is Rs.2,438.


High-quality cricket pads can save players from serious injuries and fatigue by ensuring they are protected from high impact leather cricket balls hitting their legs while playing the batting or wicket fielder position. They are lightweight and easy to clean making them an essential part of your cricket kit that includes other protective gear such as helmet and gloves.


Leg Guard

The cricket pad design has an outer shell and inside lining of thick foam pads each 25 inches long that are lightweight fitted behind the hard casing for extra support and comfort. Three hook and loop straps are adjusted to fit the leg of the player perfectly and securely held in place while battling and running on the field. The vertical knee bolster is additional padding that offers further support and comfort for the legs. 


The foam used to line the hard case has high-density foam that ensures they do not tear or damage easily being able to endure high impact resistance during the match. There are knee rolls that are made with a cotton filling that protect the knees from any unpredictable impact of the leather hardball. 


These cricket pads are designs so that they are compatible with right and left-handed players making it easy to play both sides without discomfort and equal ease as the design is adaptive with adjustability and durability. With the right protective gear, players can feel protected from injuries that automatically improve their game and encourage them to take risky shots of 4 and 6 runs. The firm shield in the front of the pads paired with secure hooks and loop fasteners make it easy to spread legs while batting and running with little air resistance. Advanced premium cricket pads will have a cane reinforced construction that makes them durable and stronger than PVC panel construction. 

Price List

Model Price
Cricket Inner & Outer Protective Thigh Pad Rs. 289
CA Batting Pads PLUS 3000 Rs. 3,000
CA Batting Pads PLUS 12000 Rs. 3,400
CA Batting Pads Somo Rs. 1,900
CA Thigh Pad Man Shorts Rs. 1,250
PLUS 12000 Rs. 3,400
PLUS 10000 Rs. 3,200
PLUS 15000 Rs. 4,000
STARZ GOLD Cricket Batting Pads Rs. 3,100
CA Batting Pads PLUS 2000 Rs. 2,600
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