Cricket Kit Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Cricket Kit in Pakistan is Rs.699 and estimated average price is Rs.3,657.


The right cricket gear and products can help improve the players' performance and make them comfortable. They can also enhance a player's concentration level and reduce the chances of injuries. Check out cricket kit prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for a complete list of items.


Cricket is hands down the most favourite sport of Pakistani people and is extremely popular amongst both men and women. The cricket World Cup is a huge affair and cricket lovers across the country gather up to watch every single match. There is a popular saying that "there is a cricketer in every street of Pakistan", which shows the craze for this sport in the country. For this very reason, cricket sets or kits are extremely popular amongst professional and amateur cricket players. 

Types & Material

The complete kit set includes all the important accessories that you would need to play cricket. The items may be a cricket kit bag, cricket bat, thigh guard, pair of batting gloves, a helmet, a pair of wicket-keeping gloves, an arm guard, a pair of batting-pads, a pair of wicket-keeping pads, a leather ball, abdominal guard and inner gloves. The kits are age-specific and may be suitable for 15 years and above. Cricket kits for kids include items made out of plastic for children below the age of 9 so they don't end up hurting themselves with the hardball and bat. 

Complete List of Items

Other types of crickets kits include a bat, balls, batting pads, thigh guards, stumps, bails, abdominal guards etc. Complete list of cricket kit items are as follows:

1. Cricket Bat

2 Cricket Pads

3. Cricket Helmet

4. Abdominal Guard

5. Supporter

6. Gloves

7. Cricket Bag

8. Elbow Guards

9. Chest Guard

10. Thigh Guards

11. Cricket Hard Ball

The number of items in a set depends on the price of the kit. The higher the price, the more the items it will contain. Leading brands include CA Sports, Sports King, SS Professional etc. 

Price List

Model Price
Cricket Kit Bag for Carrying Cricket Accessories - Full Size Rs. 699
Adidas Cricket White Kit Rs. 1,299
HS 4 Star Cricket Kit Bag Rs. 2,350
CA Plus 10000 Cricket Kit Bag Rs. 6,100
Ce Kit With All Accessories (sialkot Made) Rs. 5,300
Nam Pro Pro 111 Duffle Kit Bag Without Wheel Rs. 4,490
PLUS 3000 Cricket Kit Bag Rs. 3,450
CA ALPHA BAG Rs. 2,000
Cricket Hard Ball Professional Kit (pack Of 10) Made In Sia… Rs. 5,499
Ce Kit With All Accessories (sialkot Made) Rs. 5,300
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