Corona Cooking Range Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Corona Cooking Range in Pakistan is Rs.23,900 and estimated average price is Rs.33,229.


A local brand of repute, Corona Home Appliances also produces cooking ranges. The options are limited to a few, but enough for everyone to be able to pick something. Another advantage of the Corona cooking range is its price, keeping them competitive has made them affordable.


Corona the brand

A local brand that was started in 1982 by Mr Attaullah Mughal, founder Alfatah Industries Pvt Ltd. Corona Home Appliances manufactures water heaters, room heaters, water coolers, kitchen hobs and cooking ranges.

Today it is one of the most popular brands in the local market, it is known for its quality and also their prices.

Corona Cooking Range

The segment of cooking ranges has a handful of options, but within these one can find something they like and need. With options ranging between 3 burner ranges and 5 burner ranges. The top cover is either tempered glass or metal. Ovens have options for a rotisserie. A few of the options have hot boxes to keep food warm. 

The designs are simple with sober colours and some linework on the front.

The price of Corona cooking ranges is competitive, cutting into a lower segment of the market making them affordable.

Price List

Model Price
Corona 3 Burners Metal Top Cooking Range C47 Rs. 25,999
CORONA 70CM 3BURNER Rs. 23,900
Corona 5 Burners Metal Top Cooking Range C57 Rs. 28,000
CORONA 70CM 3BURNER Rs. 29,900
CORONA 90CM 5BURNER Rs. 41,900
CORONA 90CM 3BURNER Rs. 29,900
CORONA 90CM 3BURNER Rs. 34,900
Corona 5 Burners Glass Top Cooking Range C-205SS Rs. 44,999
CORONA 90CM 5BURNER Rs. 30,900
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