Corn Flakes Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Corn Flakes in Pakistan is Rs.300 and estimated average price is Rs.653.


A quick break breakfast fix, corn flakes need milk to be eaten and are a widely consumed food item. The nutritional factors are at a basic level which is why they are not recommended for daily consumption on their own. Corn flakes are made by many different brands, including locally. The price of corn flakes varies a bit, with the local options being very nominally priced.


Corn flakes

Create by William Kellog in 1894, corn flakes are roasted flakes of corn that are flavoured with different ingredients. These make for a quick breakfast fix and were originally intended for the patients at Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan.

One can find corn flakes that have sugar on them, added chocolate or even various fruit flavours.

All you need for corn flakes is milk and the breakfast is ready in minutes to eat.

Nutritional value of a corn flakes breakfast

Although a quick and convenient breakfast, corn flakes on their own are not a recommended daily breakfast. The fibre levels lack and even relating to just pure nutrition this is not a very healthy option. This is why people often add other things to their cereal bowl; such as fruits, dry fruits and honey.

Due to the added corn syrup and sugar, corn flakes are also high in refined sugars which are unhealthy for regular consumption.


At times, corn flakes are also used in cooking and baking or as a replacement for breadcrumbs.

Kellog's is still the most well-known brand producing corn flakes, though many other brands all over the world produce them today. In Pakistan, Fauji Cereals is one of the largest producers of such breakfast cereals.

Corn flakes are not an expensive food item to purchase, the local variants are even cheaper. Making for an affordable breakfast.

Price List

Model Price
Fauji Corn Flakes 250 Grams Rs. 300
Fauji Corn Flakes 500GM Rs. 599
Kellogg's Cereal Corn Flakes Original 250 gm Rs. 1,240
Kelloggs Corn Flakes 250 G Rs. 450
Kelloggss Corn Flakes Honey & Nuts Cereal 360 Gm Rs. 1,190
Fauji Chocolate Corn Flakes 250gm Rs. 375
Fauji Choco Corn Flakes 250 Grams Rs. 335
Alba Corn Flakes Sugar Free 250gm Rs. 355
Nestle Nestle Cereal Gold Corn Flakes 375g Rs. 504
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